Linn Majik DSM Vorstellung

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Linn Majik DSM Vorstellung

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Vorstellung des neuen Linn Majik DSM/4.

Our best-selling network music player of the last decade has been completely reimagined. Today we unveil the all-new iteration of our much-loved classic, Majik DSM; complete with fresh design, greater performance, and a whole new array of functions and connectivity options.

Hear next-generation Majik DSM and learn more about the innovation and performance underpinning this compact yet formidable all-rounder.

The presentation will conclude with a demonstration of Linn’s proprietary “Space Optimisation” technology; which mitigates distortions resulting from interaction between your speakers, and your unique listening environment.

Join us to discover just how simple, elegant and enjoyable the first step into authentic HiFi can be – just add speakers …

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